The Ultimate Stair Climbing Hand Truck


The stair-climbing hand truck / push cart hybrid that has a

built in strap, brakes and folds up into a compact unit.


Designed and built in the USA, for awkward and bulky loads.

How do you move your stuff up and down stairs? 
GREENUP ENGINEERING is obsessed with 2 things: Finding better ways to traverse stairs, and Ensuring our stair-climbers are reliable. Reliable like the old days - where choosing top quality means getting a tool you can use for many, many years.
If you need to manually move something around, especially up and down stairs, you need to check out the StairTruck. It includes our innovative patent pending stair-climbing technology which smoothes traversal on all stair types, and a rust-free aluminum frame which is USA built-tough with steel axis and lock points. 
Better yet, the StairTruck comes with a built-in ratcheting tie down strap, brakes, and folds up into a neat unit, making it easier to stow when not in use. Can you find another product with all the same features?


When embarking on this journey, I wanted to build something reliable that reduced the frustrations related to unloading and reloading my bulky heavy music gear at each gig - especially ones with stairs (I was a bass player/guitarist at the time). So i set myself the goal of building the best hand truck on the market, and here are the objectives i used:

  • A hand truck with a STRONG & RELIABLE frame which is FOLDABLE

  • A hand truck that CLIMBS STAIRS and comes with a BUILT-IN TIE DOWN STRAP

  • A hand truck that is EASY TO MANEUVER heavy, awkward, bulky items, and has BRAKES

  • A hand truck with QUALITY COMPONENTS and near MAINTENANCE FREE


After a few years of Research & Development, i'm proud to say i think we have exceeded my expectations!  We have essentially designed and built a hybrid of the 'foldable push cart' and the 'stair climbing hand truck', and added a complete feature set missing in any other in a single product currently on the market:

  • A better/smaller stair climbing wheel assembly 

  • An improved frame design for bulky/awkward loads

  • A new hand truck frame "folding and locking" system which allows quick expand/collapse

  • A Built-in tie down strap (why don't most hand trucks come with them?)

  • Brakes (why don't most push carts have them?)

  • A built in amplifier/guitar stand (option)

This premium quality, best of breed hand truck / push cart hybrid, turns out to be great for use beyond musicians. Basically anybody moving equipment, moving home, moving upstairs, moving dorms or any kind of moving, could benefit from the StairTruck!


We just added a blog which ill use to make posts on progress - we would love to hear from you! :-)


Thanks for stopping by.


Pete Greenup

The Ultimate Stair Climbing Hand Truck


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